July 2024


Finance For Non Finance Managers Training

Finance For Non Finance Managers will help improve competitiveness for organisations

Welcome to the Finance For Non Finance Managers website. We are a training and consultancy company delivering quality programs for our clients. What is Finance Management – that is what we help you with.

We run a number of training courses in Finance, Business, Leadership, Strategy, Risk Management and much more.

If you are a non-finance manager we run special courses just for you:

Finance Courses for Non Financial Managers

If you are looking for finance for non-financial managers training courses – either in-house or open courses, you have come to the right place.

  • Our courses will enable you to understand the financial jargon and impact of finances that affect you. No longer be baffled by the accountants.
  • You will be taught by experienced tutors who have first hand industry experience, that will make finance practical.
  • We can design and deliver training for you in-house or at an offsite venue.

We also run courses finance for non-financial directors. As it says Finance for non finance managers.

Finance Courses for the Finance Manager & Finance Director

We run specialised and more advanced courses for the finance manager, finance director, finance management and accountants.
Courses like:
Corporate Finance
Financial Risk Management
Accountancy Training
Finance Management
Banking and Finance
Finance accounting and Management
Finance Education

We also run Finance for Business courses.

These courses will help you in your career especially finance jobs as well as non finance job where you need to understand finance to fulfill your role.

Building capacity in organisations is a method to grow the business and be more competitive.



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