March 2013

Time Management Training Courses

Time Management Training Course

Description: It always seems like we could use an extra two hours (or more!) in the day. How can we manage our time and be truly productive in the office, and in life? This series will introduce you to the most important rules of time management, including not just how to […]

Strategic Financial Planners and Resources – Why Are They Important?

Strategic Financial Planners and Resources – Why Are They Important?

Engaging yourself into strategic financial planning can turn out to be truly helpful while you are considering acquiring personal wealth. No matter if you are considering building a retirement nest egg, purchasing a luxurious holiday, paying for your children education, investing in various other ventures, […]

Finance for non-financial managers

Finance for non-financial managers

Programme Overview

For a manager to be effective they need to have a working knowledge of the basic principles of finance and understand its applications. This Programme transforms financial and accounting language and concepts into decision making tools a non-financial manager can use successfully every day.

Who should attend finance for […]

Finance For Non-Financial Managers Training

Most organisations are willing to have their managers go on finance for non-financial managers courses, that can help them obtain a better understanding of the different aspects of finance.

In this way, they too can have an understanding of where other divisions in the organisations are performing, especially during period ends.

These programs, that […]

Budgeting for non-finance managers

Budgeting for non-finance managers

Budgeting for non-financial Managers – Programme Overview

This Programme provides strategic tools for preparing budgets, the budgetary process and using them to analyse and manage costs, enabling the participants to look at the bigger picture and ensure that the methods used when identifying strategies are geared toward the financial risk and […]

Non-Profit Finance For Non-Financial Managers

Non-Profit Finance For Non-Financial Managers

You might discover mathematically strange and terrifying, but you need to comprehend financial reports to do your job as a fund raising manager in your charity or monies within the public sector, panel participants, and plenty of other team tasks.

So, I’m going to get you going right now by […]

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

There are actually quite a few different things that you are going to want to look into when you are trying to find a cosmetic dentist. After all, this is someone that you are going to be paying a lot of money to and which you are going to […]

Financial Analysis for Auditors

Financial Analysis for Auditors – Manjit Biant

Making sense of numbers and how they relate to financial audits. What the numbers mean and how to conduct more effective and cost productive audits.

Full Seminar Description In this two-day seminar we will explore financial statements as they relate to financial audits.

We will review the […]

Financial Analysis for Auditors VMAC

Financial Analysis for Auditors

Date: 13.5.2013 – 14.5.2013 Location: Singapore

Date: 16.5.2013 – 17.5.2013 Location: KL

Date: 20.5.2013 – 21.5.2013 Location: China

Trainer: Manjit Biant

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Why You Need to be There?

• Explore the meaning behind financial statements as they relate to financial audits. • Find out where the money […]