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Financial Analysis for Auditors VMAC

Financial Analysis for Auditors

Date: 13.5.2013 – 14.5.2013
Location: Singapore

Date: 16.5.2013 – 17.5.2013
Location: KL

Date: 20.5.2013 – 21.5.2013
Location: China

Trainer: Manjit Biant

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Why You Need to be There?

• Explore the meaning behind financial statements as they relate to financial audits.
• Find out where the money is and what it does from within the financial statements.
• Understand how financial statements can affect business operations.

VMAC’s Financial Analysis for Internal Auditors will guide you in:

Reviewing the financial statements to see how they can provide indicators of where the money is and what it does.
Discovering the critical relationship between the income statement and the organization’s operations.
Investigating ways to uncover inappropriate accounting practices and identify potential fraudulent transactions.

What you will learn

Identify irregularities and in providing better and more cost effective audits.
Use financial statements to understand and assess business performance and identify risk.
Calculate and interpret key financial ratios.
Understand what is meant by creative accounting, how it is carried out and its implications for businesses.
Identify early warning signs within a business using financial statements.
Analyze cash flow forecasts and business plans to assess future strategies and plans and associated risks.

How you will benefit

Make sense of financial jargon and be aware of the different components in a set of financial statements.
Understand and assess profitability and performance of the business.
Identify early warning signs and areas of high risk as well as add value throughout the audit process.

Financial Analysis for Auditors
“Making sense of numbers and how they relate to financial audits, what the numbers mean and how to conduct more effective and cost productive audits.”

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