November 2016

Xtrade story 5 scam

Xtrade story of scam

Here is another xtrade story showing their scam techniques

XTRADE is using very unfair conditions in their platform.

First of all, there is a very big latency in the execution. Near volatile events, an order may need even 30 SECS in order to take place. Meanwhile their platform is using an […]

Xtrade Story 4 of scam

Xtrade story 4 of scam

Xtrade Scam from Karate Patel

Did Xtrade scam you? Answer:

Yes i can say it. well it would be a registered trader broker as all in the market. But their sales agents calls up 10 times a day yes u heard right they called me up 11 times in a […]

Xtrade Story3

Xtrade scammed me $100,000

I need help , I told them i wanted to do SHARE TRADING AND FX . Make around 1K /day max less risk Initialy i started my account with 1K But Account manager put my money in indices DAX uprise and made 20K last tuesday was very happy. She had an […]

XTrade story2

Xtrade scam stories

Story 1

I have some news on XTrade . In January 2016 I reported this company to the Ombudsman of Cyprus by written Complaint and the payment of 20 € by bank transfer . RESULT : AFTER six months XTrade Mandate has got A mail to repay Part of What I missed […]

xtrade story1

How Xtrade scammed me

My name is George Adrian and on 17/06/2016 i opened a position in my trading account in XTRADE of 150 contracts ($150 per pip value) on german 30 index at price 9700 .

Today the price on german 30 (german index )was moving from 9950 to 9980. The spread on german […]

Life with Joy

Life With Joy

For years I spent my weeks in tedious meetings, chasing businesses, and when I wasn’t doing that I was surrounded by demands from friends and family.

Of course when I couldn’t meet their expectations, I was riddled with guilt and even fear of losing them if I said no. Although I was […]