November 2013

Finance For Non Finance Managers Introduction

Finance For Non Finance Managers Introduction


This short video explains all about finance for non finance training


Buffett’s Best Tip for Personal Finance


Buffet’s best tip for personal finance video will help you in your life if you take heed.

Ways to Finance a New Business

Ways to finance a new business

Often, many business owners may find it difficult to start financing a new business. Whether on account of a lack of funds or a lack of perceived options, many may find the early parts of starting a business to be the roughest in terms of finances. However, what many […]

Blake Paralegal – Legal & Administrative Services

With the Legal Aid cuts that came into effect in April 2013, thousands of people are left without much needed legal help. This has forced them to seriously consider going it alone in order to solve their legal problems. Those who choose this path are known as ‘litigants in person’.

To take away much […]

Steve Jobs And The Importance of Business Strategy to Your Success

One of my all-time favorite quotes that I believe relates to business strategy is by the great Steve Jobs. Steve said, “It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.” There is so much contained in this statement about how and why Steve Jobs was so successful in business that volumes upon volumes could […]