June 2024

Be a Professional Mediator

Be a Professional Mediator

Do I have to want to be a Professional Mediator to benefit from mediation training?

Becoming a professional mediator is only one of the reasons why people undergo mediation training. In the course of training to be a professional mediator the students study many topics which have much wider application.

One such topic is the theory of negotiation. Students learn the various strategies which can be adopted in the course of a negotiation and how to turn them to the advantage of themselves, their business or their clients. Learning the strategies used in negotiation also assists the student to recognise when those strategies are being utilised by an opponent in a negotiation. Knowing how your opponent may be thinking confers a definite advantage in the negotiation process.

Similarly, in undergoing training to be a professional mediator, students study the psychology of non-verbal communication. This is often known as body language. As with negotiation strategies, it has much wider application than simply a mediation. It is useful in all forms of interactions, be those with colleagues, suppliers, potential customers or people with whom you are in dispute. Picking up on the subtle clues given away by people in the course of daily life confers an advantage in many transactions. It is particularly useful in the course of many general business activities, such as sales.

For those who aspire to higher management within business, understanding the various methods available for the resolution of disputes has obvious applications. It can help to keep your business out of the court system which can save significant management time, worry and of course cost. It can only help a business to know when it is sensible to engage expensive lawyers, or when it may be better to try methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation.

Whether an individual chooses to train as a professional mediator, or simply wishes to undergo mediation training for other purposes, the course and training material are exactly the same.

While training to be a professional mediator can be a very sound career move for many, the desire to practice as a mediator is not the only reason to undergo mediation training. It is possible to derive the many benefits available from training as a professional mediator without having the desire or intention to practice as a professional mediator. Simply taking the training course provides many transferable skills which will prove invaluable in any business career.


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