July 2024

Xtrade Story 4 of scam

Xtrade story 4 of scam

Xtrade Scam from Karate Patel

Did Xtrade scam you? Answer:

Yes i can say it.
well it would be a registered trader broker as all in the market.
But their sales agents calls up 10 times a day yes u heard right they called me up 11 times in a day and so many mails until i dont deposit the money. they forcly convenced me to deposit money even without my account get fully activated bcz of lake of residence proof and thney assured me that its been activated.
after that i get a money manager who dont even bothered to suggest me that i have lot of big positions open and it could bring me to margin call.
They keep suggesting me to buy and sell these currencies.
also their mobile app sucks. it get stuck and when i see already 5 position open on the same currency. after loosing money there are some money left and when i process for withdrawal then they start the real game that account is not activated. I sent the lot of mails to their sales agaen who was the first contact person to me but i never get reply back from him. but before money deposit he was replying every 5 mins.

So with all this situations overall i can say them a SCAM.
Yes they could be registered broker but they are a BIG SCAM.

There are so many xtrade story – each one has the same xtrade story conclusion – stay away

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