July 2024

Become a Zurker and have fun

Become a Zurker and have fun

In the last few years there has been a lot of talk about social media and social media marketing and advertising. Facebook and Twitter are the more well-known ones, but there are many other ones now which are very effective. For instance we have:


We have reached a time that there are many businesses using social media that to stay ahead of the game you need to as a minimum have some sort of social media advertising in your marketing.

Social media can become a very important platform that is being recognised by many global companies in their pursuit to build up their brand name and acquire new customers. This is helping then to survive and thrive with increased competition from industries around the world.

More companies are adding social media into their marketing plan and are setting aside higher budgets to compete for new customers. Companies are looking at Social Media and usually start with facebook and twitter of the social media websites to start building their presence on the internet. There are several reasons why social media is good for business.

1. Access to large population of users
Social medial allows company to gain access to large population of users interacting with their friends. There are opportunities for advertisers to get their message across to users. Facebook and Twitter are some of the top most visited websites on the internet and have the power to turn a message into a powerful marketing campaign in an instant. Companies are investing a lot of money to get their message across to the many users.

2. Affordable advertising
Marketing on social networks are affordable when compared to traditional advertising such as television, magazine, and newspaper which is very expensive and does not reach as big of an audience as social networks.

3. More people are using social media
Social media is connecting the world population across the globe and it one of the few technology mediums that is working towards accomplishing this goal. No other news or advertising network has this type of reach and social media is proving to be a very powerful platform that is still maturing it’s capabilities. As more users sign up for services with social networks then businesses have more opportunities to market their products to these users. Social media is proving to be the platform to get your message across to the users and with the hope that eventually the world population will all be connected over the internet.

Introducing Zurker

Zurker is a new growing social media platform that puts you in control.

Zurker is the only social network owned by its members. Not only do you own your content on Zurker, you own part of the actual social network itself! Members get shares and a stake of ownership, or equity in Zurker for referring their friends (without which a social network doesn’t function anyway).

As more and more people use Zurker and the project grows, your stake in Zurker becomes more valuable.
Giving equity to members may sound like a radical idea, but it’s only fair. Members should stand to benefit from what they bring to life – a social network is nothing without its members.

This enables business owners to only use the system to promote their brand but also build a return back on their investment.

Own and run It – Zurker is a member-driven project, and key decisions about features and products are decided by votes from all members.

Like any other business, Zurker’s objective is to serve its shareholders – but if the shareholders are the same members who use the site on a daily basis, evil business decisions are less likely to stick. Zurker is democratic.
Take Control – Zurker is designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Its great for staying in touch with your friends, and businesses and customers. And it will only get better and better as it benefits from the creativity and energy from a multitude of enthusiastic owner-members.

While Zurker may not have hundreds of engineers, we do have members who own a stake in the success of the project, and actively contribute ideas and feedback. This gives Zurker the edge and, in the medium and long term, we can easily develop a better application than our rivals.

Why Unique?

You will love the concept of transparency, and it’s a unique idea to have the opportunity to take ownership in a social network where you can establish a group of friends and customers, who have their own story.
Zurker is a social network that cares more about their NETWORK more than their bank account.
If you like Facebook you will really love Zurker without the loss of your privacy.

Zurking is fun! Get Zurking and get Zurked!!

A great part about Zurker is zurking!! Zurking is addictive and will keep users hooked. In no time at all, zurker has grown into a vibrant community, and almost all of the members log in once a day. The degree to which zurking has taken the network by storm is nothing short of amazing. Join in now, and be one of first to discover the joys of zurking and getting zurked.

Join Zurker today, by accepting this zurker invite you will have no regrets. This is going to be a great social network site.


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