March 2024

Do you have what it takes to be a respected leader?

How to become a respected a leader

The description “soft” skills often evokes the feeling that the subject is mushy, ill defined and therefore unimportant. However, the more experience I’ve gained in the workforce, the more I see the importance of learning these crucial soft skills. Things like empathy and communication are essential building our leadership intelligence. They help us to be a leader who gains the support of those around; a leader for whom the team is naturally willing to make sacrifices and a a leader who takes the organization to greater achievements. Here is an article from MindTools that you may find useful.

In our increasingly connected world, with 24/7 communications with each other, it has become necessary to not only learn how to empathise and listen when face-to-face with our team but also to manage our personnel’s needs remotely. We need to be able to keep our team on track and aligned with agreed goals and to gather feedback on how to improve things or to discuss errors in a productive manner.

Also as leaders, we often have to run and oversee projects, if you would like to see how you fare as a project leader, you can try this questionnaire.
I think the value of questionnaires is not so much in their analysis but rather sometimes the questions themselves are good prompts for self reflection and assessment.

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