June 2024

Finding Help for Identity Theft and Fraud

Finding Help for Identity Theft and Fraud

When someone uses the personal information of another for financial gain or deception, the resulting effects to the victim can be devastating.

Identity theft and fraud can cause many problems for the victims and their families and it can often take many months, even a year, to clean up the damage. The problem that many people face upon discovering their information has been used is where to find help.

The minute an individual suspects they have been the victim of identity theft and fraud, they should call the police. The detective assigned to the case will help them to fill out the proper reports, which can later be used as documentation for the credit bureaus and each account that was effected by the theft.

Choosing to not go to the police is not an option if one wants to clear up their credit and stop further damage from being done.

After contacting the police about the issue, the victim must then contact the credit bureaus.

The three ones they should contact are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Each one may require a copy of the report filled out with the police and may require further paperwork to be filled out by the victim. While it is time consuming, it will help to get the ball rolling on fixing the damage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Each individual account that has been damaged will need to be called. Again, they may request a copy of all documentation and it may take time for the case to be reviewed. Many accounts will simply close out the account and, if the individual has always been in good standing, a new account may be opened for them. What the victim must know is that even if one of the their accounts has not been touched by the criminal, they still should close out the account and get a new one started just to insure that the thief doesn’t come back for me.

As stated above, cleaning up one’s credit is very time consuming. Thankfully, there are businesses available that specialize in such issues. Identity theft and identity fraud protection services will help the victim get started on repairing any damage, but they can also monitor for any future issues that may arise. For a small fee, they can save the individual a ton of time and help to make certain it doesn’t happen again.

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