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How To Plan Your Hotel Stay

How To Plan Your Hotel Stay

It is important for everyone to take a break from their tough and routine schedule of work and other daily activities in order to add memories and enjoyment to their life, and obviously a best solution for this, is to plan a vocational trip to a stunning and comfortable place.

Whenever, when it comes to a vocational plan or trip the first thing that everyone should consider is their hotel stay. If your hotel stay is comfortable with lots of facilities, it is obvious that your break time will more likely be outstanding. Always try to choose and plan your hotel stay as a priority because rest and comfort is vital for any kind of work break and relaxation.

Here are some very simple and understandable tips that will tell you how to plan your hotel stay to add extra comfort and luxury to your life.

Set A Budget

The most important point to consider is how much your budget is. How much can you afford and for how long. Also thinking about must haves, wants and other options like breakfast included or half and full board, swimming pool, gym etc

Gather Relative Information Of The Place You Will Be Staying At

The first and most important thing that you want is the information about the place that you are planning to visit. Gathering information is not a big deal in such a modern and technologically advanced era, and Google and the internet will help you. This a good site to help you plan http://www.planyourhotels.com .

Search for different available options within your budget. Choose a particular area in that region and search for different hotels that are present in the area.

Make Comparisons

Make a list of all the available hotels that are present in and around that particular area and make a comparison of them on the basis of their prices and facilities.

While choosing a hotel, do keep in mind your budget and the duration of your stay. If you want to make your vacation plan super luxurious and comfortable, a 4-star or 5-star hotel will be the best option for you. If you want to save money and have a long stay then serviced apartments can be a good choice because these are not only comfortable but can be really appealing. But if you are on a tight budget and need some basics then a 2 or 3-star will suffice.


Do not forget to check different events and other entertaining options that are offered by the hotel to its customers. Choose a hotel according to your mood, for example if you are a person who love parties then choose a hotel that is offering night parties and other special celebrations or vice versa.

Consider The Nature Of The Trip

Before choosing a hotel for your stay, also consider the type of your trip. For example if your trip is a gift of your wedding anniversary to your spouse then you have to consider some additional things in a hotel like decoration, food and other services.


How you eat will make a big difference to the type of hotel. If you have dietary issues a self-catering or apartment may be a good option. Is breakfast included, is it full board.


How important are facilities. Does the hotel have a swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, and most importantly free internet? Some hotels charge an additional $10-$25 extra a night for internet use. Funny enough I find the cheaper the hotel the less the internet costs and in most cases free. The more expensive hotels charge.
Is having an en-suite important to you? What about toilet sharing?

Personal Testimony

I had to go on a business trip to New York by myself during peak season, everything was expensive. So I had a real think. Firstly I am by myself, I don’t mind walking not particularly bothered about swimming facilities or restaurant. So I found a real cheap place in China Town, $45 a night compared to $200 a night minimum Mid-Town. Bought my own food, that was great, saved lots of money. But you know the room was very small, could not swing a cat in it, had to share toilet and shower, and sometimes there was a queue for the toilet – so on hindsight I wished I had paid a little more and got the upgrade room with en-suite!!

So how to plan your hotel stay? Remember you can use the how to Plan Your Hotel stay site http://www.planyourhotels.com

And you can watch a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5j0ko8e73V8

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