July 2024

Increase effectiveness and productivity

Increase effectiveness and productivity

As managers, we sometimes struggle to get projects completed on time even though it seems that there are enough people on the team and we have all the resources we need. What is going on? And how can we change things so that we are better able to meet deadlines?

Here are 3 ways that you can use to increase effectiveness and productivity

1.Improve communication – be clear about your exact purpose, who is responsible for each specific task and ensure that the person receiving the instructions re-tells the instructions back to you in their own words. The last step is critical in making sure that they have understood you and allows you the opportunity to clarify discrepancies immediately.

2. Nudge them: No, not physically! But by using minor changes in the set up of their work environment or changes in the wording of your requests. Here is a book that is a quick-read and provides many examples of how you can do this. Attend one of our upcoming courses and we’ll also work with you to find solutions to your team’s specific needs.

3. Use gamification. It’s an increasingly popular word – but many people are still unclear about what it means.

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