June 2024

Make Money Online Today – Can’t Recruit? No Problem. BUY YOUR DOWNLINE. Urgent!

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Make Money Online – Can’t Recruit? No Problem. BUY YOUR DOWNLINE. Urgent!

Hello Friends,

I am constantly on the look out for programs that will work for everyone. I believe I have found it! Having been burnt a few times I gave up on internet marketing.

The #1 challenge in network marketing is duplication. No one likes chasing family and friends.

Well this one is a GAME CHANGER.

EPX has come up with a system that will work for passive members.

The products are health related, the company is stable and capitalised. It is affordable and international too.

I have heard great things about the product but I am recommending it for the pay plan now that there will be a system in place for passive members to be able to earn.

I needed a new program like a hole in the head. But I could NOT pass up guaranteed success.

Failure is not an option here. ANYBODY can earn $1,000 per month in 90 days! Starting in January, you will be able to actually BUY your 4 referrals for just 10.00 a piece! And even more exciting… THEY can do the exact same thing. Now, there’s no more chasing friends an family nor spending tons of time and money buying leads or advertising.

Wouldn’t $1,000.00 per month in residual income change YOUR life?

Here’s what I love about this Company:

– Dan Putnam, the company owner, has built downlines in the multiple thousands, so he knows what we
need in the field!! He’s got the highest integrity and biggest heart!

– $40 per Month Income Guarantee with just 4 Personals (that’s a whopping 25% commission)

– $1000 per Month Income Guarantee after 6 months.

– Potential pay-out is a staggering 1.4 million!!

– Natural products that WORK….and are organic and free of synthetics…with a money back guarantee

– Products only $39.95. And there’s NEVER A NEED TO SPEND MORE to MAX the plan, no matter how far you go up in rank in the Company!!! No 150-300 autoships here! Just $39.95 pcm

– If you’re interested in a weight loss product, the company will pay you to lose weight!! You can earn up to $10 per Pound Lost (a diet industry FIRST!)

– 25% match on your personals and 12% on those in their groups!

– Weekly pay

– Distributorships available in over 200 countries

– 40% Fast-Start Checks

– $1000 a Month Prize Drawing selected from the system’s visitor list (beat that!)

– FREE Marketing Systems, Sizzle calls, 24/7 Presentation Online & More

– Products with the highest quality ingredients at industry-low prices scientifically formulated

– FREE Healthy-Living Guide and 90 Day Challenge System

– FREE Sample Sites/Pay it forward system.

– FREE Recruiting systems and Company Sites/Company Training & More

– Now here’s where it gets REALLY different! a NO FAILURE, 90 day plan to $1,000 a month by BUYING your 4 downline members for just $10.00 each! No more chasing friends & family, cold calling, having a huge data base, regardless of talents, time or past experience. Now EVERYONE can do this!

NOW is the time to grab a top position, before next month when distributors will go up for sale.

Let me give you an example of where this can go: Let’s say we have 300 people directly above us that are ready to buy 4 distributors each. That will mean 1,200 new distributors placed in our organization next week. Now, those 1,200 are going to buy their 4 distributors! That’s 4,800 distributors! Considering you only need slightly over 1,300 people to fill out a 4×5 matrix…. this is a total no-brainer!

Once you fill your 4X5, which can be easily done with this system, and you sponsor someone on your 6th level or below, you will even get paid on their matrices! So, we actually can get paid through infinity. We ALL can reach 10k earnings per month in short order.

The EpxBody Buy 4 Members Method..Please Listen, ONLY 4 minutes long!

Consider the following…..

It’s a given MOST people would like more money but it’s a fact that most can not recruit if their life depended on it! What if everyone could be at $1,000 a month in the next 90 days with no chasing friends & family, no cold calling, no advertising, no special talents, huge data base or experience!

What if EVERYONE could log in & purchase their 4 downline members for just $10.00 each & they could do the same thing?

No more wondering what if! This starts now. If you have ever wanted to finally make a difference in your life & the lives of others you want to join us TODAY! Lock in your spot so that when this goes live next week you are amongst the first to reap the rewards!

You have nothing to lose, the products are guaranteed, it’s right here for you!

Let’s say that we have 200 in our group and they all buy 4 distributors next week. That’s 800 new members in our organization! Now, those 800 are going to buy their 4 distributors. That’s 3200 new members in our group. Are you starting to get the picture of what is about to take place???

Is this for real?

Only time will tell!

If it does, there will be many thousands of very happy members.

If it doesn’t, as discussed on the call, there are 2 guarantees.

1. Product Guarantee
2. Income Guarantee

If you are not at $1000 per month after 6 months you may request a refund of all funds that you have sent to the company.

I would say that the risk versus reward ratio is quite favorable!

What will I do for you? Well once you sign up, and if you get buy your 4 distributors for $10 each then I will also place your link in our exclusive team rotator to get you more distributors. We will advertise all over the place. You will also be able to have direct contact with me and my upline anytime.

You can also skype me anytime


Here is the url and below that is the write up (compiled from a few other leaders whom I thank!)

1. http://www.GetEPX.com/manjit

2. Fill in info then click on “Get Started” at the top of the next page (you will get a lead capture page like this as well!)

3. Select your Country of origin

4. Select “Continue as a Independent Distributor”.

5. Fill out the form

6. Select your first product and click on the +Add1 button

7. Tick the two boxes at the bottom of the page and click on “CONTINUE WITH SIGNUP”

8. Complete the process by submitted your payment via credit card which is the only payment option right now. I have been told that there will be more options very soon.

I look forward to a prosperous and healthy 2013 with you.

With much appreciation and gratitude, THANK YOU!

Manjit Biant



Other benefits:

– $10,000 Bi-Yearly Drawing For Those Who Tour & Upgrade Same Day!

– $93,100 in Rank Advance Bonuses, beginning at just 1000 volume!

– $100 paid per week for the most compelling testimony

– 25% Matching Checks on those you sponsor

– 5 Generations of matching bonuses

– $6,250 in 90-day wealth challenge bonuses (on top of the rest!)

– 40% Commission on Sales for Every Retail Order!

– $1.4 million/month income potential when you max the comp plan!

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