June 2024

The Great Controversy – the story of the New World Order

The Great Controversy – the story of the New World Order

As each day passes we see and hear snippets and details of news, but is there more? We hear of the New World Order – what is it? The Great Controversy is a book that leads up to why there will be a New World Order.

We sense there is – for we hear of international monetary systems, a global curriculum for education, world plans for reduction in waste and pollution, a world divided into regions rather than countries, international peace initiatives, a world parliament of religions and an international version of the Bible. Who plans such things? Who takes the lead – and why?

Gradually the world as we know it, is being changed. The current order is altering rapidly. Wide-ranging security legislation is reducing our personal freedoms. The world is becoming a community, a design into which we all must fit. Will there be a place for YOU in this changed world? Where will it all end?

You are an individual, you are unique, with your own views and beliefs. You were born with the freedom to see, to think, to consider, to reason and to understand. You have the power of choice.

Did you know that the Bible speaks of these events? There is a conflict going on, but is it the one you think it is? Are you involved without realising it? Every choice you make may have wider consequences than you realise. The book we are offering speaks of this – You need this powerful book today!

“The Great Controversy” is an essential read. You owe it to yourself to investigate what is developing around you. The Bible warns that a conflict of immense proportions is building to an unexpected climax under the guise of peace. Who is the conflict between? What is it about? Bible Prophecy is amazingly clear and you are living in the time of its fulfilment. You will find this book immensely challenging. It may change your understanding of events. Why not read the book and examine its claims, question its statements and test the evidence for yourself.

One day this conflict will be over and there will be true peace. This book is over 600 pages long, taking you through 2000 years of history culminating in a New World Order, both man’s and God’s

“The great controversy is ended. Sin and sinners are no more. The entire universe is clean. One pulse of harmony and gladness beats through the vast creation… All things….in perfect joy, declare that God is love.” p. 678 The Great Controversy.

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