June 2024

Choices And Chances

Choices and chances

You make choices every day that defines what happens to you and your family.

These choices dictate your chances of living a healthy and financially prosperous life. We have more control over what happens to us then we may realize.

I made a choice 40 years ago to pursue 3 degrees which led to a rewarding 30 yr career. Curiously enough, if I had to make a similar choice again, I would choose differently.

I have read that 90% of people are not happy with their current job or career choice. A key reason for the discontent seems to be that it is not emotionally or financially rewarding enough.

How about you? Would you make a switch from your current job or career path if it was financially viable? Think on this question seriously. The answer could lead to a significant choice that alters your life path.

It is common knowledge that a lot of people feel as if they “work for a jerk” and can’t stand the office politics not to mention the boredom and cost of the commute. Many people stay in mind numbing jobs for years on end with disastrous consequences to their health and family well being.

If you could work in your own financially viable business or work from home and avoid the daily drama is that a choice you would make for yourself and your family? I ask this question because looking back, faced with the same question I would definitely opt for being master of my own fate and not give my life over to people who could care less about my welfare and well being.

Can you imagine someone who has very little investment in your life deciding what you are worth, when you can take holidays and on and on ad nauseam. Or would you prefer to decide your own worth, take holidays when and as often as you would like.

I have known many people and I imagine you have too, who have been “kicked to the curb” like garbage after many years of service because of downsizing, layoffs or office politics. They were expendable. Others stay for years on end and pay the price. It’s as if they believe they don’t have a choice.

Do you see yourself anywhere in this article? If so, then why not make a different choice and give yourself a chance at a life you can call your own. Whether you like it or not your choices do dictate your chances. Why not choose a lifestyle where you call the shots. If that idea appeals to you then take back your dignity and don’t blink just click the link.

Financial freedom is all about choices and chances.


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