June 2024

Finding Free Ebooks Online

It’s no secret that ebooks are becoming more and more popular; in fact, an estimated 43 percent of adults now own an e-reading device. The advantages are obvious – you can download an electronic book in just seconds, and the number of titles available increases almost daily. Perhaps the biggest appeal is that ebooks are typically much less expensive than the print edition, in many cases up to 70 or 80 percent less.

It is also surprisingly easy to find free ebooks online, and although you can find them on both Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, there are plenty of other sites that will give you that information. Simply perform a search for ‘free ebooks’ and you will see dozens of sites. Most of these are easy to use; some may require you to register, and some send you a list of free books to your email on a regular basis.

Another great place to find free ebooks online is at your local library. More and more libraries are offering ebook downloads, and there is no charge to read the current bestsellers as long as you qualify for library membership. Although the ebooks are free, you are still subject to the regular fines.

Contrary to popular belief, not all free ebooks are poorly written. Many new and established authors choose to offer their work for free, often to increase sales and to promote their book or themselves. Although many free ebooks are by new and often unknown authors, you can sometimes find free books by well known authors.

Ebooks have transformed the way we buy and read books, and finding and reading well written ebooks at no cost is easier than ever.

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