July 2024

Imminent Collapse – A New World Order

Imminent Collapse – A New World Order


Unprecedented movements have swept the globe since the beginning of 2011, and even the most conservative news media have been questioning what is going on, and more importantly, what is about to happen?

Natural disasters have escalated, reaching heights never before seen in both frequency and intensity since records began. Governments across the globe are literally collapsing, from the Middle East, to the EU to America. Never before in the history of the world have events like those we see today had the potential to impact us even here in rural Wales. Never before have we had a globalised world, where every single country, small or large, is interconnected and indeed interdependent the way we are today.

If America had delayed another 10 hours before they struggled to raise their debt ceiling, life in Wales and UK would be very, very different today. Even when the US did raise their debt ceiling, global markets collapsed by 15%! If they had failed to, conservative estimates from CNBC suggest a stock market crash of 30% or more. Now that America has had their AAA credit rating slashed and China has told them “the good old day of borrowing is over for the US” we will inevitably see a global stock market crash, equal only to that of 1929. Yet now the world is much worse positioned than in 1929. Now the EU and the US are so heavily indebted that Moody’s has said Greece will definitely default, and Italy is “too big to fail yet too big to save”.

There are no more remedies for them; interest rates are already at zero, and have been for 3 years without effect. All the trillion dollar bailouts and stimulus bills have left the banks, and indeed governments still incomprehensibly in debt, with no more money left to bailout even one more country like Italy or Spain. The US resorted to printing money in unprecedented quantities, when no one else would lend them anymore – and still the global financial system is in meltdown. There are no more tricks that can be pulled out of the hat now, politicians have nowhere to turn. The populace know this and riots across the globe are escalating with frightening speed. It is not just other countries like Greece, Spain and the Middle East, but now they are on our doorstep in England.

Headlines tell us “The Unthinkable is Now Thinkable” and “The World Cannot Endure Another Crisis”, yet at the same time they tell us we are now in that very crisis. Marc Faber, the renowned billionaire investor told CNBC “the global economy will meltdown” and “end in war”. Then a new world order will come.

As Greece declares an official default, contagion will sweep the EU and as the write-downs of 250 billion euros of Greek debt ripples through world banks and governments, Italy will find it impossible to meet her debt obligations in 2012. With no money left to bail her out, forecasters say the euro is destined to collapse in the near future, followed by the dollar as contagion spreads across the Atlantic to an already collapsing USA, bringing the entire world economy to its knees in a singular event exceeding the Great Depression of 1929. The entire financial system will have imploded and the powers that be declare the birth of a New World Order.

Heralded in 1989 by George Bush senior, ” A New World Order” declared imminent on September 11th 2001 by George Bush junior ” A new world order”, and it’s conception announced in March 2009 by the G8, the New World Order will be effectuated, finally fulfilling Revelation 13, Daniel 11, Ezekiel 9, Revelation 14, 2 Thessalonians 2, and Revelation 17. If you would like to know what these prophecies say, and if you want to know what you can do for you and your family to prepare for the events of the immediate future, then get in touch for further information and get a FREE copy of the book “The Great Controversy” delivered direct to your house. http://www.finalevents.biz

There is a new world order coming whether you like it or not – its coming.

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