March 2024

The Importance of Finance Training

Given the global financial crisis at no time in our history has sound, robust and transparent financial management been of more importance.

The Finance team provides the best practice solutions for Organisations with a range of financial management learning requirements for participants.

The end goals of the Finance training is to educate and enhance understanding of Financial issues and to be a major force in building capacity in organisations

There are three main entry points for our financial development training

Entry level – preparing first line and /or aspiring leaders for the challenges of budgetary responsibilities – understanding of the basics of financial management etc

The fundamental requirement of any career development programme must be the establishment of core skills and knowledge critical to competent management.

Simply put – organisations do not have a good record in preparing their people for career progression. We acknowledge this significant “missing element” and its entry level courses are the first steps is personal, career and organisational development.

Managerial Level – There is a focus here on the World Wide financial crisis and its implications to organisations and people. Our courses identify the practices and processes required to support increasing efficiency & effectiveness and improvement in the organisation. Our courses provide the key links to securing competitive advantage and sustainment of success aligned with increased capacity building.

Senior / Director Level – Strategic financial understanding is critical to organisational success – The impact that finance has on organisational strategy – planning – performance will make all the difference between an organisation that survives or collapses.

Without a solid Finance Team the Capacity building capabilities of organisations will be stunted, and their ability to compete competitively, effectively and efficiently in the market place would be affected.
We will give you the edge that you need to take your Finance Teams and Organisation into the 21st Century.

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