June 2024

Toe Nail Fungus: What it is And How to Treat it

Toe Nail Fungus: What it is And How to Treat it

Toe nail fungus is a common nail disease, whose medical name is onychomycosis. This disease is originated by different fungi types and leads to considerable nail damage, even total destruction, among several other troubles. That is for the reason that the fungus attack, once produced, thrives by gnawing away a protein called keratin from the Toe nail. The fungus lives in dark and damp environments, so people that generally wear tight and closed shoes or that visit places such as swimming pools and gyms are more prone to Toe nail fungus.

The Symptoms:

The most visible symptoms of an infected Toe nail are its yellowish or brown color and its increased thickness. A malodorous smell settles in, and, as the situation worsens, the nail becomes brittle and dry, and finally peels off. As soon as either of these symptoms make themselves obvious, it’s most important to start treatment right away. If you’re not sure, you should get an opinion from a specialist immediately. The doctor will consider a variety of factors such as your occupation, lifestyle, foot hygiene habits, sport, chronic illnesses, etc., to know for sure that it is Toe nail fungus and not other disease like, say, psoriasis of the nail. Samples of your nail may be lab tested for the fungi.


The toe nail fungus typically does not heal by itself, but rather keeps going on for a very long time till the nail eventually completely falls off. Most likely the new nail is infected as well, because it got it from infected surrounding skin area or even another Toe nail. The best way to avoid all this is to take suitable protective measures such as:

– Wear open and comfortable shoes;
– Clean your feet daily and apply a good powder to avoid friction;
– Make sure that your socks and stockings are hygienic, change them each day;
– Give the body some breathing space by wearing suitable and not too tight hosiery;
– Do not walk barefoot in public areas like showers or gym locker rooms;
– Opt for a frequent pedicure and keep the Toe nails trimmed;
– Make sure that the tools used for a pedicure are disinfected;
– Do not share personal objects like nail clippers.

Toe nail Fungus Treatment:

The disease can be taken care of by several ways. First of all stay away from all “home remedies”, most are rubbish, and some actually make the disease worse by weakening your skin’s defenses. There are some cases in which you’ll have to get medical treatment: In a few of these cases, it might even become needed to surgically remove the nail. Fortunately, for the majority of cases, you can treat and cure toe fungus successfully at home. The best way to solve this problem is to use a high quality topical solution, since they allow you to dodge the somewhat dangerous side effects of oral antifungal medicine.

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