June 2024

What is Onpage Optimization?

What is Onpage Optimization?

It is important to perform onpage optimization for the keywords you are targeting.

MonsterBacklinks.com recommends the following for on-page optimization:

1. Get keyword into your URL (create a subpage on your site that has the keyword in the URL and create content on that page related to that keyword)

2. Get keyword density on that subpage set to 1-3% for that keyword (Do not exceed 3% keyword density. This is known as “keyword stuffing” and this can hurt your rankings)

3. Get keyword into Meta Tags of subpage

4. Get keyword into Meta Title of subpage

5. Get keyword into Meta Description of subpage

After your website has been optimized for your selected keywords, you can purchase the appropriate backlink package for your keyword(s) competition level.

6. Purchase the appropriate backlink package for your selected keywords competition levels.
a. 3,000 Profiles is best suited for low competition keywords
b. 25,000-75,000 Profile Backlinks and 300 High Quality Backlinks is best suited for medium competition keywords
c. 100,000-300,000 Profile Backlinks and 2,100 High Quality Backlinks is best suited for higher competition keywords.

For example, let’ say you want to rank for 6 highly competitive keywords, and your website is http://www.doodads.com

The keywords you want to rank for are:
1. Best doodads
2. Great doodads
3. How to get doodads
4. Buy a doodad
5. Doodad stores
6. Get doodads

The following should be done for onpage optimization (as per the instructions above):

1. Create subpages on your website with the keywords in the URL
–a. The subpages could be :
—-i. www.doodads.com/bestdoodads
—-ii. www.doodads.com/greatdoodads
—-iii. www.doodads.com/howtogetdoodads
—-iv. www.doodads.com/buyadoodad
—-v. www.doodads.com/doodadstores
—-vi. www.doodads.com/getdoodads
2. Next, create content on each of those subpages, related to its corresponding keyword, and get keyword density to 1-3% on each page
–a. For example, create content on www.doodads.com/bestdoodads that is related to “best doodads” try to get at least 200 words of content onto the page. Do this for all of your subpages and their corresponding keywords.
–b. Keyword density on each page should be 1-3%.
—-i. Keyword density is defined as total number of times keyword appears on webpage / total number of words on webpage
—-ii. If your subpage www.doodads.com/bestdoodads has 200 words of content, and the keyword appears 4 times on that page, then keyword density = 4/200 = 2%
3. Get keyword into Meta Tags of subpages
4. Get keyword into Meta Title of subpages
5. Get keyword into Meta Description of subpages

After doing all of this, you can purchase the appropriate backlink package for your keywords competition level. In the example above, the six keywords have high competition, so, you would purchase the 100,000-300,000 Profile Backlinks package, which is best suited for high competition keywords.

Your order would be formatted like this:

URL1: www.doodads.com/bestdoodads
Keyword1: best doodads

URL2: www.doodads.com/greatdoodads
Keyword2: great doodads

URL3: www.doodads.com/howtogetdoodads
Keyword3: how to get doodads

URL4: www.doodads.com/buyadoodad
Keyword4: buy a doodad

URL5: www.doodads.com/doodadstores
Keyword5: doodad stores

URL6: www.doodads.com/getdoodads
Keyword6: get doodads

So, after choosing your keywords, and creating subpages related to those keywords, you would purchase a backlink package using those keywords and optimized subpages when completing the product order form.

These guidelines are not concrete and it is not necessary to perform on page optimization if you don’t want to, but in our experience, the guidelines above will yield the best results with your backlink package.

If your homepage URL, www.doodads.com, or any other URL, already ranks well for a keyword, such as “best doodads” then it would not be necessary to create a subpage on your site with the keyword, “best doodads,” in the subpage URL as your site already has high rankings for that keyword—-there would be no use in trying to get a brand new page ranked for a keyword, if you already have a page that ranks well for the keyword.

For the packages that allow you to enter one URL and four keywords, like the 1,000 Profiles package and the 3,000 Profiles package, we recommend choosing 4 similar keywords, as it is difficult to perform on page optimization for 4 completely different keywords on the same page.

For example, the 3,000 Profiles Package would work effectively for a package formatted as follows:

URL1: www.yoursite.com/bestvacationsinorlando
Keyword1: best vacations in Orlando
Keyword2: find the best vacations in Orlando
Keyword3: best prices on vacations in Orlando
Keyword4: info on vacations in Orlando

In the example above, the 4 keywords are closely related. It would be easy to optimize the webpage for the 4 similar keywords, as they are all related to “vacations in Orlando”

The example below would not be as effective with the 3,000 Profiles package:

URL1: www.yoursite.com/housebuilder
Keyword1: great house builder
Keyword2: cheap drywall framer
Keyword3: best painter in chicago
Keyword4: great contracting company

The order above would be not be as effective with the 3,000 profiles package, as it is difficult to optimize a webpage for all four of the keywords above, since they are not closely related to each other.

Remember, offpage optimization (backlinks) works much better with proper onpage optimization.

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