June 2017
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Final Events of Bible Prophecy

Final Events of Bible Prophecy


Final Events


What is happening in the World? Are we on the verge of world war 3? Will Russia and USA have a nuclear war? Will Russia and NATO get into conflict? What about the China South Seas islands? North Korea? Economic collapse?

This DVD will help […]

Life with Joy

Life With Joy

For years I spent my weeks in tedious meetings, chasing businesses, and when I wasn’t doing that I was surrounded by demands from friends and family.

Of course when I couldn’t meet their expectations, I was riddled with guilt and even fear of losing them if I said no. Although I was […]

Financial Management Training

Financial Management Training

Financial Management Training will build up the capacity of organisations




Interested in financial management training? Then get in touch with us, we can help with any form of financial management training.


Objectives of Financial Management

Financial management is concerned with sourcing, spending and control […]

Play The Blues

Play the Blues

Learn to Play the Blues with Pro Blues Backing Tracks for All Instruments at www.playtheblues.com!

Anyone can learn how to play the blues with the information found on this educational and innovative site! At www.playtheblues.com, you will find a variety of audio tracks, including jazz, rock, and blues bands with which to […]

Psychology of Leadership

Is Finance Advice Only For The Rich?

Honestly, it seems most financial advisers cater to the rich but in real life there is no doubt that it is the middle class who most need financial advise and help. The people who often need financial assistance usually can’t afford it,

Geoff Williams explains that “Yet many financial advisors simply aren’t interested in working […]

Spotify seeks to hire U.S. filings expert as bankers eye IPO

Online music streaming service Spotify is recruiting a U.S. financial reporting specialist, adding to speculation that the Swedish start-up is preparing for a share listing, which one banker said could value the firm at as much as $8 billion. read more

Companies Squeeze 401K Plans From Facebook to JPMorgan

Employers are squeezing their workers’ retirement savings, holding back on both the amount and the timing of 401(k) matching funds and dragging out vestingschedules. Taken together, these measures are making it more difficult to save for old age.

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Military food stamp use on the rise

Food stamp redemption at military grocers has been rising steadily since the beginning of the recession in 2008. Nearly $104 million worth of food stamps was redeemed at military commissaries in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30.


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Free Advertising Network


Free Advertising Network


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Hi , it’s Manjit here, and I just wanted […]