April 2014
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Choices And Chances

Choices and chances

You make choices every day that defines what happens to you and your family.

These choices dictate your chances of living a healthy and financially prosperous life. We have more control over what happens to us then we may realize.

I made a choice 40 years ago to pursue 3 degrees which […]

Finding Free Ebooks Online

It’s no secret that ebooks are becoming more and more popular; in fact, an estimated 43 percent of adults now own an e-reading device. The advantages are obvious – you can download an electronic book in just seconds, and the number of titles available increases almost daily. Perhaps the biggest appeal is that ebooks are […]

How to Get FREE E-BOOKS for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

E-books for ipad

How to Get FREE E-BOOKS for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch

This video will help you get the information you need to get free e-books for ipad

Get your free e-books for ipad

The iPad may just be the world’s best way to surf the web. Not only is the device great for watching […]

Why Everybody Should Take a Personal Finance Class

When it comes to choosing classes, most students select a class that will help them further their career. However, those who have the time, should consider taking a personal finance class.

The Benefits of Taking a Personal Finance Class

Spending money is very easy. Saving money, setting goals, financial planning and budgeting all require time […]

Psychology of Leadership

How Incredibly Successful People THINK

How to Be a Good Leader