June 2024

Drive Sales With Video

Drive Sales With Video

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If you’re not already communicating your stories via online video, you are missing out on an opportunity to talk to a large and engaged audience, improve your online visibility, generate leads, earn credibility and drive sales.

Also, your web video may spread virally online with no effort or costs on your part, driving a significant amount of incremental traffic to your website. With so many videos being consumed online, the value of video as a marketing tool is paramount. It drives search results, engages customers, builds trust and increases conversion rates.

Utilizing Online Video & Sites Like YouTube

One of the smarter moves that Google has made to push along the social sharing platform was to purchase YouTube, the video free-for-all that more and more companies are using to put all sorts of videos in front of potential buyers – website or home-office tours, personnel profiles, client testimonials, how-to’s, and of course scripted advertisements.

Although video marketing on YouTube works wonders, videos that are professionally shot, produced and developed are still far more effective than do-it-yourself jobs.

Quick Facts About YouTube in the Present:

• One hour of video is uploaded every second to YouTube

• About 4 billion videos are viewed each day through the social video site

• In 2011 alone, YouTube had over 1 trillion video views

• Well over 500 years’ worth of videos are watched through Facebook each day

• Realtors alone have collectively seen over a 40% hike in profits from video marketing*

• 70% of online shoppers look for a video either on a website, Facebook or YouTube

*These factoids make realtors flock to video marketing in general in hopes to put their listings in front of the masses for quick closings.

Video On Your Website

These staggering facts have motivated more companies in the last 12 months to get video content on their sites and replace older marketing methods altogether; Pictures of items are great to give choppers a visual, yet marketers and CEO’s alike can be more verbally descriptive through short videos on their websites.

But professional video editing, graphically stimulating content and video optimization are all areas that many marketing managers do not have time for and could often times leave them ditching the idea altogether and sacrificing the possibility of profiting even more so than they are now.

Therefore it’s imperative a company or individual marketer seeking to further their online reach with a compelling video story, find and hire only an experienced video creation firm. There’s not an abundance of them, but there is enough to make shopping around not only a smart idea in terms of what the finished product will look like, but also a fiscally sound idea.

Price Matters – Get A Discount!

There is an incredible range of prices between competing video firms.

Discount Web Videos is one company that takes the simple approach.

Discount Web Videos is a start-up based out of Canada. Karl Airey is the Founder and Chief Creative Office of and he states simply, “I believe in craftsmanship. As the world gets smaller and the shops get bigger, attention to customer needs are often set aside in favor of creating a lower price. Well… we do both!

“We dig down to the very core without breaking your budget, crafting each script and visual style to your unique needs; creating a visual presentation, typically accompanied by narration and music. Specifically “Motion Graphics” or “Animated” or “Moving Text” that create vivid stories told to targeted viewers.

“But just as importantly, we do all of that at a large discounted rate; typically 70% less than our competitors!”

By Karl Airey – Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Discount Web Videos

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