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MasterClass Finance for Non Finance Managers

MasterClass Finance for Non Finance Managers

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Finance For Non Finance Managers Masterclass Program

16th & 17th January 2013 Dubai, UAE

Prepare yourself to make powerful and informed business decisions by understanding the essence of corporate finance and learning to create value on a corporate […]

Do you have what it takes to be a respected leader?

How to become a respected a leader

The description “soft” skills often evokes the feeling that the subject is mushy, ill defined and therefore unimportant. However, the more experience I’ve gained in the workforce, the more I see the importance of learning these crucial soft skills. Things like empathy and communication are essential […]

What factors cause PPP Projects to fail?

// What factors cause PPP Projects to fail?

After the credit crisis of 2008, the cost of providing public sector services has become a major focus worldwide and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are seen as one of the solutions to manage these costs more effectively and efficiently.

However, not all PPP projects go according […]

Monitoring and Evaluation Standards

// Monitoring and Evaluation Standards

These days most organisations have some form of monitoring and evaluation procedure in place; some even have huge departments devoted to this function. However, are your monitoring and evaluation processes unearthing the problems and highlighting the successes? Do you have a system in place that is understood across the […]